Tooth Colored Fillings (Composites)

Composite fillings, also known as tooth colored fillings, are placed when a tooth has a cavity, small fractures, or old, broken fillings in need of replacement.  The composite resin material creates a natural appearance, allowing us to use it on both front and back teeth.  They are a great choice for those who prefer aesthetic options, or for front teeth which are visible when smiling.  Teeth filled with composite dental fillings can often be made to look like a natural tooth. Our skilled dentists can shape and contour the tooth with excellent color matching to make the filling almost invisible to the naked eye, giving you a beautiful smile with natural looking teeth. Composite, tooth colored, fillings are the most popular filling material option today and are utilized in over 95% of the fillings done at our office in the past decade.

As with all fillings, composite fillings need to be replaced periodically and will be checked carefully at each of your preventive care appointments.  Fillings can develop cavities around the margins (where the filling meets the tooth), and will break down over time. Once a filling is placed, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene, diet and schedule regular dental visits to maximize the life of your new filling. 

Tooth colored fillings take a little longer to place than silver fillings and require a dry tooth during placement in order to bond to the tooth. We will sometimes utilize specialized tools to keep the tooth isolated from moisture and saliva while we are placing the filling.  There are certain teeth where it may not be possible to place composite based on saliva flow, tongue interference or other factors. In these circumstances we will discuss dental filling material options such as silver fillings or other tooth colored filling options.