Fixed Bridges

A fixed dental bridge is a permanent (non-removable) prosthodontic appliance used to replace missing teeth in your mouth.  Dental bridges fill in the gaps left by missing teeth by using the using the teeth next to the space as anchors.  With the same material options as crowns, bridges are a great option for replacing missing teeth.  Bridges generally take 2-3 visits for completion and follow many of the same steps involved in doing a dental crown.

Your first dental bridge appointment will involve reduction of the size of the teeth holding the bridge in place (abutments).  An impression is then taken for the dental laboratory so that they may make a bridge to custom fit your mouth.  We will then make you a temporary bridge which will remain in your mouth for 2 weeks.

Your second appointment will be for removal of your temporary bridge.  Once the temporary is removed, we will try in your new bridge to check for fit and esthetics.  Once we are sure your bridge fits perfectly it will be permanently cemented in to your mouth.